Kayla Blowers missing from Watertown since October

By | November 18, 2021

Kayla Blowers missing – Woman spotted in Travelodge and Adirondack Efficiencies in October still missing.

WATERTOWN, New York – Kayla Blowers, 20-year-old was reported missing from Watertown, New York. She was reportedly seen last on the 22nd of October and has now been missing for almost a month. Her disappearance is very worrisome especially considering the fact that she is visibly pregnant.

Report gathered states that during the course of the investigation into her disappearance, CCTV footage showed her in the area of the Travelodge and Adirondack Efficiencies on Arsenal Street on the 22nd of October. Prior to that, she was seen on the 14th of October leaving her home in the 600 block of Olive Street in Watertown.

Kayla Blowers is described thus:

The 20-year-old is described as a White female who is of a medium build and is approximately 5’7″ feet tall. She was visibly pregnant at the time she was seen last.

According to a missing person’s report that was filed for her, she has blue eyes and black hair which might be shaved. It is unknown what Kayla was wearing at the time she was seen last. No distinctive features or birthmarks were given to her.

Authorities are now appealing to the public to help in finding Kayla who has now been missing since October. They urge everyone in the local area to keep an eye out for her. She has affiliations to the areas of Troy, New York area and she might be in those areas.

If you have information that can help find Kayla Blowers, please call the Watertown Police Department at 315-782-2233.