Karla O’Malley killed by suspected drunk driver, family mourns


Karla O’Malley Death – After their loved one was slain by a suspected drunk driver, a Leawood family looks for justice. On Tuesday, when that man appeared in court for the first time, media had a camera there. The deceased woman’s family was present at court as well. A crash report states that the collision occurred the evening before Halloween in Overland Park close to 95th Street and Moody Park Circle. The family reported that the motorist was traveling more than twice the legal speed when he struck the back of their mother’s car. “My mom was as safe as they come,” daughter Megan Hillen said. “She would always drive the speed limit.”

Accident report

Karla O’Malley was a beam of happiness. The 62-year-cheerful old’s spirit was gone too soon, according to Hillen. It’s one thing to be struck by lightning, but quite another to be hit by another person on what should have been a really safe drive home, said Hillen. According to the accident report, O’Malley’s car was slammed so forcefully that the engine was on the sidewalk. After being transported to the hospital, O’Malley passed away roughly 40 days later. “It was like every organ in her body had some kind of challenge because the wreck was just so bad,” Hillen said. Second-degree murder and DUI/involuntary manslaughter are the charges against Alexander Kohrs.


The 23-year-old had a blood alcohol content of 27, which is more than three times the legal limit, according to the collision report. “There’s Uber, there’s Lyft,” Overland Park police spokesman John Lacy said. “So in my opinion, there’s no reason anyone should be out there drinking and driving.” The accident investigation also revealed that Kohrs was driving too fast, doing 73 in a 35 mph zone. Hillen stated that the crash occurred at 8 o’clock on a Sunday night. O’Malley was returning home after preparing a casserole for her daughter and grandchildren. Together, they passed the day.

“She lived for other people, and her void is felt very much in our family now and for a lot of people,” Hillen said. “So I would ask him to turn his life around to try and make up for that.” Hillen hopes to carry on her mother’s legacy, leading with quiet acts of kindness. She recently came across a book that her mother had distributed to those who were struggling. Hillen added, “And I didn’t realize she had left me a note inside.” The following court date for Kohrs is January 25 at 10 a.m.

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