Karla Hillen Missing: Woman last seen leaving car at Ft. McAllister found dead

Karla Hillen Missing: Body discovered in search of a missing woman in Bryan County.

According to a report reaching us at this time, the authorities have discovered a body while they were in search of a missing woman. a spokesperson for the force said remains were found following the search for a missing woman in Bryan County.

The body was found during the search on Tuesday and the body was believed to be that of 58-year-old Karla Hillen. According to deputies Karla Hillen was last seen in the area of Fort McAllister Road in Richmond Hill, Ga. on November 21.

Deputies confirmed that the family of Karla have been informed about the discovery.

Jamie Hillen, Karla’s husband said Karla left her car at Fort McAllister State Park on Sunday, November 21, without all of her identification, cash, credit cards. It appears the only thing that she took with her was her car keys. None of this, none of this makes any sense to us,”

Karla was officially reported missing on Tuesday, November 23. After reviewing video footage, and searching Karla’s car, Bryan County Sheriff Mark Crowe said nothing that they have seen would them to suspect foul play.

Crowe said “We just feel like if something happened as far as an abduction, and she hollered or yelled or said “help me” someone would have heard her. They couldn’t have abducted her back in one of those trailers, and got her out in a car or a camper without somebody seeing her because there were so many people there,”

He said on-foot searches, K9 team searches, and additional help from the Georgia DNR, haven’t given them any concrete evidence about what happened to Karla Hillen.

There is no further information at this time.

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