Jonathan Jordan Young identified as New Zealand drowning victim


Jonathan Jordan Young Death – The identity of the second man who passed away after drowning in Glenorchy, close to Queenstown, has been revealed by the police. On January 19, a man named Jonathan Jordan Young, 35, who was originally from New South Wales in Australia, passed away at the swimming spot. According to the police, he got himself into trouble while he was trying to help a child.

Second drowning victim identified

The incident was the second drowning to occur at the same location in Lake Wakatipu in less than a week. On January 13, a Wānaka man named Linkin Kisling passed away while trying to save his son, who was 10 years old. Earlier reports from the police said that Young had been in New Zealand for three days before to the accident. At the time, he was spent the day with his fiancée. The next day, his parents and brother boarded a flight to New Zealand, and they were present at the scene when his body was brought back.

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In an effort to save a youngster from suffering the same tragedy, the guy who died on a Christchurch beach. According to a police spokesperson, emergency services were called to Spencer Park Beach at 12:45 PM on Sunday. The man attempted to save a young child who had either been carried away by a rip or had swum out of their depth in the somewhat larger-than-normal swells, according to Water Safety Chief Executive Daniel Gerrard.

Gerrard claimed that nearby lifeguards were able to save the child and bring the unconscious man to the beach where they attempted to revive him but failed. At 12:42 p.m., St. John Ambulance reported receiving a call about a water-related incident close to Spencer Park. Five clinical managers and four ambulances arrived. Gerrard believed that the additional six beach injuries reported yesterday were the result of separate events brought on by higher-than-normal surf. Gerrard is now advising Kiwi men, who drowning is the most leading cause of death in New Zealand, to exercise greater caution this summer.

“In 2021 we lost 90 people to drowning, and 76 were male. And already this year, 70 families have lost a loved one. More often than not they’re a father, a son, an uncle, a brother or a grandfather,” Gerrard wrote in an open letter to “New Zealand men”. “To Pakeha males in powerboats, Māori men gathering kai underwater, Asian men fishing from rocks, Pasifika men fishing from boats … you guys are consistently over-represented in our drowning tragedies.” “By being aware of the circumstances, keeping an eye on the kids, donning a life jacket, and keeping in mind that you are not as skilled as you were when you were 20. You will make it home at the end of the day.”

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