Jonathan Brown 18, football player shot dead, family mourn his death

Jonathan Brown 18, football player shot dead

Jonathan Brown 18, football player shot dead

Jonathan Brown Death – The shooting death of 18-year-old Jonathan Brown has left Johnny Hall and his family still grieving, ending the young man’s hopes of becoming a professional football player. Jonathan, Johnny’s grandson, claims that since the shooting on Friday, he has had difficulty sleeping. ”I feel very very sad about it,” he said. ”I lost sleep. you know, I just had dreams for him to be successful, just see him one day running across the TV. The senior from Merrillville High School was fatally shot outside a Buffalo Wild Wings establishment on Friday night in the Homewood area around 175th Street and Halsted.

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The growing memorial for a young man who loved football was visited by Brown’s relatives. He only ever thought about becoming a professional athlete and football, according to Johnny. He desired to make football the focus of his life. Brown’s affinity for football, according to Merrillville football coach Brad Seiss, began when he participated in a Pop Warner league and only grew from there. According to Seiss, Brown relocated to Homewood just before beginning high school, where the 18-year-old played his first three seasons of high school football.

For his senior season, which had only recently come to an end a few months ago, he went back to Merrillville. Seiss stated, “You could tell being back with his friends from elementary and middle school, you know, just kind of the joy of playing and all that you can tell you really enjoyed being back at Merrillville and playing for the Pirates.” The coach described Jonathan as a good player who had ambitions to go beyond high school. Jonathan played safety and was a member of special teams, according to the coach. According to Seiss, “He was going to try to play the next level.”

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“(He) would have had the opportunity to go play small college football,” the author said. “(He) didn’t have anything, you know, concrete or anything like that yet.” The teen’s coach now wants to make sure that his teammates can deal with this loss to their team while the teen’s family prays for authorities to discover the person guilty for his death. He remarked, “I think the important thing is for us to remember him, honor him, and work hard for him.” According to Homewood police, this gunfire also injured another 18-year-old. After receiving treatment, the hospital let him go. The inquiry is still ongoing, and nobody is being held in custody.

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