John Glasgow missing Little Rock man found dead in Petit Jean State Park

By | November 19, 2021

John Glasgow missing – Death: Man missing from Little Rock found dead outside Mather Lodge.

ARKANSAS, US State – John Glasgow, 45-year-old who went missing on the 28th of January 2008 from his home in Little Rock. He was last seen leaving his home in the area has now been found dead. He was said to be the chief financial officer and vice president for CDI Contractors.

Report says the police began searching for John after he went missing over the past years and there was no clue on the case. A new development came when a picture that was posted by a tourist showed the car he was last seen in parked outside Mather Lodge at Petit Jean State Park. The police carried out a search for him in the area but he was still missing.

In 2015, hikers who were hiking in the area of Petit Jean Mountain called the attention of Authorities regarding a skull that was found in the area. The skull was reportedly found on the 11th of March 2015 and was taken to the Medical Examiner’s Office for further identification.

The discovery prompted the search of the area for other remains of John. Other remains were later found in the area which included Glasgow’s clothed body, along with a wallet containing a driver’s license and credit card, on a shelf of rock about 200 yards south of where the skull was found near Red Bluff Drive in a remote and rugged area of Petit Jean Mountain.

A statement by Conway County Sheriff, Mike Smith reads “We found the bones inside the clothing. Other parts were found in the area, strewn by animals. We are pretty sure we located nearly everything. We did find the bulk of the remains.”

John Glasgow death:

The authorities have now confirmed that the remains found is that of John. The State Crime Laboratory Director Kermit Channel said, “We will use X-rays and other techniques to do a full examination. It will take some time and effort to look for any abnormalities that they may be able to see.”

The cause of death John has not been given. He was legally declared dead on April 13, 2011.