Jeff Witjas Wikipedia: Betty White Agent Biography

Jeff Witjas has been in the Hollywood talent management business for a long time; he doesn’t exactly have a Wikipedia page but there is information about him on the internet.

Jeff is the senior vice president of the Performing Arts Agency (APA). He has been associated with the agency for a long time. It is a talent and literary organization that launches and represents artists, talents in the entertainment industry.

Betty presented him with the Talent Agent Lifetime Achievement Award at the Talent Managers Association’s 13th Annual Heller Awards. She even wanted to spend her 99th birthday with him.

He had been described as a “dear blessed friend” and a “very fine agent who excels at the business” by White.

Besides Betty, he has also represented other actors, such as Jason Momoa, Uzo Aduba, Adam Baldwin, and Jason Beghe. He was also the agent to the now-departed basketball star, Kobe Bryant.

Jeff Witjas Age: How Old Is He?

Jeff Witjas is estimated to be of age 72, however, his real date of birth is not known to the media yet.

Jeff was born in Brooklyn, New York but he is currently based in Beverly Hills, California. He graduated from Bowling Green State University and finished his law studies at the Western State University, College of Law.

He has been based in California for most of his life whether that be for a career or his studies. He has a career spanning more than three decades in the industry.

There are not many personal details revealed about him and his personal life. It is guessed that he is a divorcee and has a lovely daughter named Rachel.

Jeff Witjas Health: Does He Have A Stroke?

Jeff Witjas is in good health and has no reported history of a stroke.

All these speculations and concerns come from his interviews about Betty White and her health. Betty was a healthy old woman who lived her life to the fullest till she was 99.

Betty passed peacefully in her sleep and had no health complications as reported by Jeff. However, rumors were that Betty’s health was affected by COVID and its complications were what cost her life.

Jeff Witjas is Jewish. He is healthy and still very active in the industry despite his old age.