Jayden Baez and 3 people shot and killed in Cleveland, 8-year-old hurt

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Jayden Baez Death – A tragedy that occurred in Cleveland on the way to the weekend and left four people dead along with an 8-year-old girl injured left a family in Cleveland forever changed. Martin Muniz, age 41, has been charged with the murder of his own relatives by investigators from the Cleveland Police Department. According to the reports from the police, the suspect opened fire on all five of them at approximately 7 p.m. on Friday inside a residence located on Mack Court.

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Jayden Baez, Miguel Gonzalez, Angelic Gonzalez, and Angelic Gonzalez’s husband, Anthony Booth, have been identified as the victims by the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner. The daughter of Gonzalez and Booth, Eyana, is thought to have survived, according to the Cleveland police. She is undergoing rehabilitation at MetroHealth. “It’s been hell [that] I can’t wrap my head around,” Gloria Hernandez, Angelic’s bestfriend and aunt to her children, told journalist in a Zoom interview.

GoFundMe campaign

The family has started a GoFundMe campaign in order to assist with the costs associated with Eyana’s medical care and burial preparations. “Eyana is so bright, so smart so blunt,” Hernandez said. “Not hearing from [Angelic] is killing me, we would sit on the phone for hours, cooking, working whatever. This is going to be a huge adjustment for me and my kids.” According to Hernandez, both Angelic and Muniz had the same mother. Angelic took him in to provide him with a place to stay, but it ultimately resulted in both pain and heartache for everyone involved.

Hernandez stated

“There were no signs when I tell you no signs,” Hernandez said. “It’s hard to believe.” Angelic had just begun working as an accountant at her brand-new job. Booth worked in the auto industry. The two shared a link that could not be severed. “They were doing so good. They were getting along so well, two peas in a bond,” she said. “He loved his wife, he loved his wife to death.” Baez, Angelic’s son, was a kid who was really into martial arts when he was younger. “He was smart, but he was on the higher spectrum of autism and Angie always fought nail and tooth for baby,” Hernandez said. The family, whose current priority is to ensure that everyone is laid to rest in a respectful way, has asked the general public for donations.

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