Isaiah Lorenzo Martinez identified as shooting victim in Kannapolis, police say

Isaiah Lorenzo Martinez identified as shooting victim in Kannapolis

Isaiah Lorenzo Martinez identified as shooting victim in Kannapolis

Isaiah Lorenzo Martinez Death – On Sunday afternoon in the city of Kannapolis, a young man of 18 years of age was reportedly shot and killed, as reported by the city police. The body of the deceased person was found in the parking area on Pacific Court, which is located just off Rainbow Drive, at approximately 1:15 p.m., as stated by the Kannapolis Police Department. Rainbow Drive is located in the immediate vicinity of the parking area.

Victim identified

The deceased person has been identified as Isaiah Lorenzo Martinez, according to the findings of the investigation. Anyone who believes they may have information on the incident is asked to contact the Kannapolis Police Department at the following number: 704-920-4000. Cabarrus Area Crime Stoppers allows you to stay anonymous while contacting them via their website ( or by phoning (704) 93-CRIME. Either way, you have the opportunity to win a reward for your information.

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The suspects in the shooting death of a man earlier this month have been detained and charged by the Kannapolis Police Department. On December 7, Claude Anthony Williams II, 29, was discovered dead in his South Little Texas Road house. William’s body was discovered that day about 5 p.m., and the police originally claimed they had started a death inquiry. The following day, according to the police, a homicide investigation into Williams’ death was launched. According to the police, they have arrest warrants for Khalil Chapman on suspicion of first-degree murder and felon in possession of a firearm charges. Jennifer Chanthaboun was also the subject of a first-degree murder warrant.

Both Chapman and Chanthaboun handed themselves in to the Kannapolis Authorities Department on Monday, according to the police. According to the investigators, they are being held without bond at the Cabarrus County jail. Hannah Goetz of Channel 9 met with a neighbor on December 8 who requested that her name and face remain anonymous. On the afternoon of December 7, she claimed, she arrived home to find a woman outside the house pleading for assistance. Actually, the neighbor stated, “I was heading up the ramp to enter the house when I saw her approach to the door and she was yelling ‘help, help’ and she called the guy’s name.

She claimed the woman was yelling for assistance to a passing male. First responders showed up shortly after, according to her. She said to Goetz, “They were running to the house and the EMTs; they went in and were right back out in just a few minutes, taking their gloves.” “So we were aware that something bad had occurred.” Due to the ongoing investigation, police aren’t saying much at the moment, but the neighbor claimed that police had obtained footage from her house camera that she claims has audio that sounds like gunshots. Goetz spoke to a few other locals, but none of them were particularly knowledgeable about the property on the corner. Police made no other information available.

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