Isabella Marin missing: Police Needs Help Locating Missing Young Twitch Influencer

By | December 1, 2021

Isabella Marin missing: Help find Isabella Marin who went missing during a road trip with her boyfriend

The police are appealing for urgent information on the whereabouts of 21-year-old Isabella Marin, who is missing in South Florida. If only one could understand the worries in the hearts of the missing girl’s family. We can not say Isabella Marin is safe as no one has seen her since her disappearance.

It is believed that Isabella was last seen by a family member on November 23. According to news reaching us, the family members said Isabella, who is a gamer and influencer on Twitch, had recently met her boyfriend at a festival in Homestead and began acting strange.

They said Isabella had gone to see her mother and stepmom on November 23 and showed up covered in sand and barefoot, and was acting strange and told them she was going on a “journey”.

Stepmom Adriana Sauma said, Isabella wasn’t looking like herself, she wasn’t acting like herself, she was most of the time very put together. She came into my house, she was covered with sand, she jumped into my bed and looked like she hadn’t showered or eaten in a couple of days. Isabella didn’t say where she was going and the family suspected she was on some sort of substance.

Her boyfriend, Israel Del Rosario, said they visited his father in the Suwanee, Georgia area for Thanksgiving and were on their way to California. Del Rosario said after Thanksgiving dinner, Isabella told them she needed to leave and left by herself in her car, a black Kia Forte.

Isabella’s mother said Del Rosario’s father told her there’d been some sort of argument between the two. “He told me that they got into an argument and that she said goodbye to him in Atlanta. She dropped him off at his dad’s house,” mom Olga Jarrin said.

Israel Del Rosario’s dad filed a missing person report in Georgia at the request of Marin’s family on Monday. in a phone interview on Tuesday he said, I’m really not sure how to feel, it’s somebody I love and I will continue loving a lot”.

If You see Isabella Marin or know of her whereabouts please call 911.