Help find missing girls from Amundsen High School

By | November 23, 2021

Sujeily Zepeda missing – Parents seek help in finding girls missing from Amundsen High School on Friday.

CHICAGO, US State – Two high school students have been reported missing from Chicago. Sujeily Zepeda and Izebellia DeLeon are both students of Amundsen High School and are both missing. The family and friends of the missing girl are appealing to the public to help find her.

Sujeily Zepeda is a 15-year-old and she was last seen the morning of Friday, 19th of November 2021 at the Amundsen High School which is located at 5110 N. Damen Avenue at about 7:45 am. The school board is now asking for help in finding her.

The principal of the school, said Anna Pavichevich “We know that events like these cause tremendous anxiety about the safety and security of all students. Please know that at this time, beyond being Amundsen students, there is no indication that this disappearance has any direct connection to our school or other Amundsen students.”

There are increasingly growing concerns for her safety and wellbeing as she might be in danger and at risk of harm.

Sujeily Zepeda descritpion:

Age – 15
Sex – Female
Eyes – Brown
Hair – Light brown
Complexion – Olive
Race – Hispanic
Height – 5’2″ feet
Weight – 110 pounds
Distinctive feature – Scar on the left eyebrow
Zepeda was last seen wearing a black Nike skull cap, grey Columbia jacket, Nike t-shirt, pink pants, and white crocs.

Anyone who has information that can help find Sujeily Zepeda has been asked to please call the police at 312-746-6554. You can also share this post from our Facebook and Social media to create awareness that she is missing.