Grammy Award winning vocalist and jazz pianist Dave Frishberg dies at 88

Dave Frishberg Death – Cause Of Death: Popular American vocalist and jazz pianist Dave Frishberg wrote the words and music for a number of the Schoolhouse Rock songs, including “I’m just a Bill has passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on Wednesday 17th November 2021 at the age of 88 in Portland, Oregon, the U.S after a brief illness. Surrounded by his family.

Dave Frishberg was born on March 23 in the year 1933 in Saint Paul, Minnesota, U.S. He was a talented vocalist and an intelligent jazz pianist. Frishberg relocated to Los Angeles where he worked as a studio musician, he also recorded his first album in the year 1971. He was four times nominated as best vocal in Grammy award.

He was a great singer whose words of music touched people emotionally. He was a celebrated pianist the sound from his jazz pianist was warm to the soul. He was an accomplished singer he took his time to make sure his pieces of music were worth listening to. He will be missed for his talents and unwavering optimism. Dave Frishberg’s obituary will be announced by his family at a suitable time.

Below are tributes paid to Twitter on the passing of Dave Frishberg: “Bill mourns the passing of Dave Frishberg, composer of “I’m Just a Bill” and part of the coterie of hepcat jazzers—Grady Tate, Bob Dorough, Blossom Dearie—who wrote the songs of Schoolhouse Rock! It was Frishberg’s idea to enlist the trumpeter Jack Sheldon to sing Bill’s part.”

“The great songwriter, pianist & vocalist Dave Frishberg is gone. He was my hero & I was not only lucky to know him but had the chance to play with him & sing his songs. What a cool funny smart sad cat. We will never know another like him. Rest In Peace.”

“Dave Frishberg passed away yesterday. I had the fortune to study with the brilliant saxophonist Warne Marsh while I was in high school. One day in 1983, as I walked into his tiny studio apartment, he told me, “here, this is my new favorite composer.” He put on a record. It was Dave Frishberg. I was so impressed that someone as musically deep as Warne was knocked out by someone like Dave Frishberg. Dave’s songs don’t rival Warne’s improvisations when it comes to things like harmonic depth or complexity of phrasing. But clearly, that wasn’t the point for Warne. It’s an achievement of the very highest order, to craft a song that is perfectly constructed, and where the words and the melody and the harmony all contribute as one, to a single emotional, storytelling arc. Dave had that amazing ability. Warne and I never even spoke of Dave Frishberg or his music after that remark of his, but it was a huge lesson for me to see someone like Warne with such admiration for music like Dave’s. And needless to say, I had a very close listen to Dave’s music after that.”

Photo credit – Terry Teachout

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