Gerald Habershaw, Pilgrim High School principal died of Covid-19

By | November 29, 2021

Gerald Habershaw Death – Cause of Death – 57 year old Gerald Habershaw sadly died on Saturday, 27th of November 2021 of complications from COVID. The news about the passing of Gerald was confirmed by his younger brother David Habershaw. David said an homecoming dance at Pilgrim High School which many people attended may have contributed to the death of Gerald. Reports says that at least 45 people who attended the school dance have tested positive for COVID-19.

Gerald had been fully vaccinated, his younger brother also mentioned. From 2005 to 2016, Gerald was the principal of Warwick Veterans Memorial High School then moved to Pilgrim High School when the city’s high schools were consolidated. One basketball player Habershaw had coached said in tribute; “Habs was a great guy who taught so many of us how to be tough on the court, and how to be positive influences in the schools and community.”

School Personnel Lost To Covid wrote in a tweet; “Gerald Habershaw – 57, Died Nov 27, 2021. Principal, Pilgrim HS, Warwick, RI. His brother said they believe contracted at homecoming dance on Nov 6. As a school committee member said: This has been turned upside down and sideways as RI had mask mandate for school bldgs…The dance was held in outdoor tent. After Covid outbreak, video surfaced showing he was neither wearing a mask, nor enforcing any mandate. He was placed on administrative leave while investigation ensued. Died before completed.”

Photo Credit – School Personnel Lost To Covid