Full House’ Episode, Stephanie’s Friend Gia Involved In Car Accident


On the television program Full House, the characters Stephanie Tanner and Gia frequently found themselves in sticky situations together. Stephanie was one of the visitors at the makeout party that Gia planned and hosted. Even Stephanie’s uncle Jesse had a disagreement with her regarding Gia’s band.

These two close friends even got into a car with two high school students who were behaving in an annoying manner during one of the episodes that aired during season 8 of the show.

The Full House audience was introduced to a number of the Tanner sisters’ other close friends throughout the course of the show. That was a reference to DJ’s best friend Kimmy Gibbler, who was mentioned. In her group of childhood friends, Michelle included people like Derek and Lisa, as well as Aaron. When Stephanie was a child, one of her closest pals growing up was named Charles, and years later, she would end up marrying a man named Harry Takayama. Gia was responsible for a significant amount of the chaos that occurred in Stephanie’s classroom.

It was Gia’s friend Mickey that sparked Stephanie and Gia’s first argument, and Stephanie blamed him. Gia considered Mickey a close friend. It was made even more difficult by the fact that Stephanie and Gia had a crush on the same boy, which made things even more complicated. During their time together in middle school, the two put their previous disagreements behind them and developed a strong friendship with one another.

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