Frank Prater missing – Famous Flint, Michigan TikTok star goes missing

By | November 26, 2021

Sabrina Prater Reddit – Fans of missing TikToker suspects foul play says there is a “Sabrina Prater Conspiracy”.

FLINT, Michigan – Franklin Prater was reported missing in the past week and although the authorities have not said foul play is suspected in his disappearance, his fams believe otherwise. They are of the opinion that he has been kidnapped by haters. Sabrina is said to have quite a number of people who hate him.

Who is Sabrina Prater?

A famous TikToker from Flint, Michigan who is known for exploring his female side by dressing up as a woman and making videos is missing. The TikToker was recently banned from TikTok after posting a video that contained nudity. He has over 188.6k followers and his likes sometimes read up to 1.8 million. The man whose identity is given as Franklin Prater is 35-year-old but he is fondly known by the name Sabrina Prater which fits more into his quests for identifying with the female gender.

What happened to Sabrina Prater?

Information reaching us states that the last video that was uploaded by Sabrina in a new account he created after he was banned from TikTok shows him in an unkempt room that is surrounded by cameras. They believe he is in danger and has come up with a ‘Sabrina Prater Conspiracy’ which states that he has been kidnapped by online haters. The last video has hit over 1654 likes and has gained over 607k views.

The Sabrina Prater Conspiracy theory is relating his case to that of Buffalo Bill who was a personality from the 1991 horror movie, The Silence of the Lambs.

Authorities have not released formal news concerning his disappearance.

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