Former Basketball Player Al Smith Has Died by Suicide After Shooting His Girlfriend

Player Al Smith

Former Basketball Player Al Smith:According to reports from the Journal Star, former professional basketball player Al Smith passed away unexpectedly on Monday in the state of Florida. After a successful career in professional basketball, Smith hung up his sneakers. During the course of his career as a professional basketball player, Smith participated in a total of five seasons with teams from the American Basketball Association (ABA) (ABA).

At that point in time, he had already reached the age of 75. Reportedly, it was believed that Smith had shot and killed his live-in girlfriend at an apartment complex in Sarasota. The apartment complex was located in Sarasota. The city of Sarasota was the location of the complex.

After the arrival of law enforcement, the negotiators made multiple attempts to get in touch with Smith over the course of several hours; however, they were unable to establish communication with him despite their many attempts. In order for officials from Sarasota County to gain admission, they were forced to use force, and once inside, they found that Smith had committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. An ambulance took Smith’s girlfriend, Smith’s girlfriend, to the hospital so that she could get the medical attention that she needed there.

Smith was selected by the Chicago Bulls in the 11th round of the National Basketball Association Draft that took place in 1971. In addition to this, the Denver Rockets selected him in the ABA Draft, and after some deliberation, he chose to play basketball for them. After Larry Brown made the decision to become the head coach of another team during the 1972–1973 season, the Rockets turned to Smith to take up the starting point guard position previously occupied by Brown.

The time that Smith spent with the Rockets came to an end in 1975. He continued to play for the Rockets for one more season before being sent to the Utah Stars in exchange for another player. He was a member of the Rockets for the duration of that season.

Smith played for the Stars for a second season, but because the league was folding at the time, he was only able to participate in 15 games during the 1975–1976 season. This was due to the fact that the league had been dissolved. Because of this, he had much less playing time.

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