Few Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Land In Lagos


Lagos is the business hub of Nigeria and the biggest city in Africa. Besides businesses, Lagos is very accommodating and less tribal. It is a home to foreign and local investors and houses the biggest companies in Nigeria.

Real estate businesses in Lagos are more successful than that of Abuja, Port Harcourt and anywhere else in Nigeria. Living in Lagos is gradually becoming too expensive and owing a plot of land in Lagos is currently on every one’s list.

Lagos population is growing everyday and people have started dispersing themselves to areas that were unthinkable many years ago. The rapid growth in Lagos population is due to local and international migration to the state. The roads are getting overly congested by the day. The state government is trying out new techniques to approach Lagos traffic.

In terms of security, with Lagos reaching over 24 million in population, it is one of the most secured states in Nigeria. Of course, crime can’t be eradicated but it can be controlled, so Lagos is doing her best in terms of security and crime control. Lagos is the most powerful state in Nigeria because, it is joint tribes state. Despite the scary growth of tribal hate in Nigeria, Lagos has every tribes’ interest, care and protection than any other state in Nigeria. A crime in Lagos is a crime against all Nigerians but a crime in other states could easily be passed to the affected tribe’s responsibility. In a very short explanation, Lagos is a United State of Nigeria and can hardly be affected by internal issues such as nation division fueled by pro Biafran separatist.

Lagos is a Coastline State: this is one of the major advantages Lagos has over most states in Nigeria. Most Nigerian states are landlocked state. According to economist, most landlocked countries are poor. States with no shore line cannot directly access ocean-going ships. This may damage their economies. In Nigeria, only few states are lucky to have shore line. With proper government infrastructure, coastline states have tendency to be more economically advanced than the states that are landlocked.

When it comes to development, Lagos takes the lead. A whole is larger than any of its part, that is fact but when it comes to Nigeria, Lagos is proving to be larger than the whole nation. It is the most developed, most advanced, most educated, most exposed and the most interesting place anyone can ever imagine in Nigeria. With its newest rising cities such as Eko Atlantic City and Ibeju Lekki which houses the proposed Lekki-Epe International Airport, Dangote Refinery, Lekki Deep Seaport, Lekki Free Trade Zone and countless others, Lagos is bound to be unbeatable even in the next 100 years by any other state in Nigeria. Even with the scary rise in tribal hate and intense approach for division of Nigeria into different smaller countries, Lagos would still be ahead of any new nation to emerge. It is already a primary state for most successful Nigerians and currently serving as an investment hub for most locals.

Buying a land in Lagos is one thing that should be on everyone bucket list especially to all Lagosians and real estate investment minded individual across the Africa. With more and more companies going into real estate businesses in Lagos, more ways to easily become a home or land owner in an estate. It is structured in a way that you can now become a land owner with an initial deposit of as low as N25,000 (twenty five thousand naira). There are many estates that are selling at affordable prices in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos. With this companies, you stand to risk nothing. Real estate company takes the risk while you enjoy the benefits. You do not need to worry about buying land from wrong people popularly called 419ners, you do not need to bother yourself about the land documents such as Survey, Excision, Gazette or C of O.

The honest truth is, Lagos lands can never wait for you forever. It is fast finishing and even the ones that would be available for sale in future would cost you almost heaven and earth to buy. Everyday, more and more bushes are cleared and lands are sold to different individuals. People are buying more and more landed properties for their homes, businesses and to be able to resell in future for higher amount. There is no state in Nigeria or in the world that is currently experiencing the rate of deforestation that is on going in Lagos. Buying 1 plot of land in Lagos is a great step, but if you have already bought one, buy more and more and more and more. It is a business. A shop owner doesn’t buy one tuber of yam and say it is enough. Buy land for your new home, buy to build home for people to rent and be paying you, buy to resale later when the prices are very high. Lagos land can never remain forever, start buying it now.

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