Famous Savannah Florist John Davis has died at 55

By | November 16, 2021

John Davis Death- Cause Of Death: Renowned Savannah Florist John Davis and founder of the John Davis florist John Davis has passed away unanticipatedly and unpredictably on Monday 15th November 2021 at the age of 55, surrounded by family and loved ones. John’s cause of death has not been confirmed by the InsideEko team at the time of this report.

John was a native of Savannah, Georgia, he founded the John Davis florist in June 1987 located in Savannah, Georgia which he ran productively for more than 30 years. He was a dedicated florist who had a great passion for his job. He was treasured by the entire savannah community.

He was very creative and inventive, he will be remembered for his utmost generosity and kindness. Our sincere condolence is with john’s wife, mother, and sisters in these difficult times. John Davis Obituary will be announced by his family.

Below are some of the tributes people paid to John on his passing “John Davis from John Davis Florist passed today quite suddenly. I met John several times and had the pleasure of his company at the bubbly bar once or twice. Two things seem to happen in one’s life, someone moves away from where we live and leave that void of knowing you could run into them around any given corner here in town. The other similar void is when someone you know passes even if they were on the edge of your immediate circle. It’s always a comfort to know that you could find that person if you looked. I’m saddened by Johns’s passing and wonder who, when, and where the fabric of our daily existence will once again be interrupted? Although you may never have met him or ever bought beautiful flowers from him somewhere inside you knew you could go to John Davis Florist and have him make your day beautiful. Our condolences to his loved ones and friends.”

“Savannah lost one of its most colorful and unique personalities today. He added color to our lives in more ways than one. His laughter was unmistakably him and his smile was always contagious. John, thank you for all that you did for each of us. Your concern was always for others and our hearts are broken. We will miss your smiling face and incredibly unique remarks but most of all we will miss your friendship. Thank you for all that you gave and all that you left. There will never be another one like you old friend. RIP John Davis. – MB”

“John Davis you will be greatly missed. Your beautiful unconventional style, your huge smile, and your generous heart. SMA Angles Charity is so grateful for your years of support for our cause and for caring for the children affected by SMA. I know the Angels have welcomed you with open arms.”