Family organizes search to bring missing Austin HS 16-year-old home

By | December 13, 2021

‘Baby boy, I love you. Come home’: Family gets increasingly worried for missing Austin High School boy

Its been over a week since the disappearance of 16-year-old Austin High School student, Jaiden Warren. His family, friends and even coaches have been in such an emotional moment, as they have done all they can to find him but no way. Jayden’s family is still searching for him, with more vigor, and hopes that he will be found safe, and brought back home.

“I’m worried about him emotionally, that he’s alright–and physically, that he’s not running into trouble.” Says Jaiden’s father, Joel Warren, who is at the top of the search.

According to Warren, Jayden was last seen on Monday, December 6, 2021 when they got in an argument over Jaiden missing school and his grades. This prompted the sudden disappearance of Jayden after he left a note for his family  “He left a note saying that he would be back when he was 18…and that’s it,” Warren added. 

The search for Jayden Warren.

Sources say that Jayden’s family, friends, and coaches rallied in some strategic points on Sunday, December 12, 2021. This rally was done solely to get the attention of the public, so that solution about Jayden’s whereabout can come up. The places were near Zilker Park, The Austin Public Library on Ceasar Chavez and the McCombs School of Business.

What are the police doing about the case?

The police are reluctant about the case, and wouldn’t join the search yet. This is the more reason why the family of Jayden have to do what they can to find him. Fliers have been posted all over Austin. His friends are also blank about his whereabout. Jaiden’s Lacrosse teammate, Harrison McMahan said. “It’s definitely scary, and we just want him to know that we want him back. his dad keeps saying he’s not in trouble, and we just want to see him again,” 

“It’s not nice out there and he has no money, no cell phone, no identification,” Warren said. “He easily could be targeted to be victimized in multiple ways…baby boy I love you. Come home, you know we can work through anything.”

The family is asking anyone who knows anything to contact them at 512-653-5204.