Eric Pinellas, Osceola High School football coach’s son killed in shooting

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OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. — Eric Pinellas, the head football coach at Osceola High School, came to Twitter to relay the news that his son had been killed in a terrible act of gun murder. Pinellas describes the act as “senseless.”” He states that he has been trying to come to terms with the fact that he will never see his kid again and requests for prayers before concluding the tweet with the words “RIP son, I LOVE YOU!”” The incident took place just before 2 o’clock in the morning on Wednesday near the intersection of Cypress and Bay streets, as reported by the Kissimmee Police Department. They discovered his son lying on the ground with gunshot wounds when they reacted to the reports of shooting.

Police arrived the scene

They found a man in the neighborhood who had been shot multiple times and was bleeding heavily. Help arrived in the form of paramedics and police officers. “He was taken to the hospital, but he ultimately passed away from his injuries while he was being operated on,” Sgt. Charles Popp of the Kissimmee Police Department said. The investigation is proceeding with many leads being pursued, but the police have not yet located a culprit. They have issued a call for anyone who may have information to come forward. “Detectives are, right now as we speak, conducting interviews and following up on multiple leads, but again, we could always use additional leads, so if anyone has any information, please call in,” Popp said. “We could always use additional leads, so if anyone has any information, please call in.”

Eye witness statement

Those who live in the neighborhood where the shooting took place, like Remer Baker, are all too familiar with the frequency of violent acts like this one. Baker stated that Kissimmee had a history of being known as the “Kissimmee was once a brotherly love city,” “But now it’s turned into a war zone with people killing and killing and it’s senseless you know.” he added, adding that he could remember of over a dozen people who had been killed in the region as a result of gun violence in the past few years. Baker addressed the audience as “classmates” and “best friends,” saying, “you know.”

Investigation still ongoing

According to him, Coach Eric Pinellas and his family are well-respected members of the community. The shooting that took place on Wednesday is yet another devastating loss. According to Baker, “We’re very football-oriented in Osceola County,” “Especially around the little cowboys and the big cowboys and him being in a position of leadership the community feels his sorrow and his pain because his son was doing good.” the author writes. The examination into what might have been someone’s motivation for doing anything like this is ongoing. If you have any information on the shooting, you are encouraged to call the Kissimmee Police Department at the following number: (407) 846-3333.

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