Emmanuel Remmy identified as robbery suspect, apprehended

Emmanuel Remmy identified as New Holland robbery suspect apprehended

PC: Lancaster Bureau of Police

Emmanuel Remmy Arrested – On the evening of the 11th of January 2023, at nine o’clock in the evening, officers from Platoon B of the Lancaster City Bureau of Police responded to the Penn Square neighborhood for a report of a robbery. When officers arrived, they found a victim who had been walking with two other people at the time of the robbery, during which the victim had been robbed of personal belongings.  Agents were able to collect footage of the suspects, and upon reviewing it, they discovered that both of the suspects had previously been detained by Bureau officers in connection with a separate incident.

Suspect identified

Officers were able to obtain a lead on the whereabouts of property that had been stolen during the robbery, and they coordinated their approach to a residence in New Holland Borough with officers from the New Holland Borough Police Department.  The stolen property and both of the suspects, one of whom has been identified as Emmanuel Remmy, were found by the police officers. The second individual was a minor. Remmy and the child were both taken into custody, and they were brought to the headquarters of the Bureau to be processed and charged.

Further information

Officers from B Platoon collaborated with one another and made full use of the resources at their disposal in order to identify the suspects and recover the stolen property, which ultimately led to the arrest. The Bureau would also like to acknowledge the cooperation that our investigation has received from the officers of the New Holland Borough Police Department, and we would like to thank them for their assistance. Officer Hannah Neidermyer was in charge of the investigation, and she was the one who ultimately brought charges against Remmy and the other juvenile.

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An incident at the Milton Banking Company in New Holland on Thursday led to the quick capture of an alleged bank robber. Joshua T. Rea, 39, of New Holland, is being detained in the Pickaway County Jail on robbery and eluding justice charges. According to reports, New Holland Police Department Chief Jason Lawless responded to a call at 2:30 p.m. on Thursday saying a guy had entered the bank at 25 N. Main St. and demanded money while wearing a bandanna and sunglasses. Before the suspect left the bank traveling west, tellers informed Lawless that they had given him $4,860.

Based on information from the scene, Lawless made contact with Rea on Church Street, where he reportedly obtained a confession. Rea then took Lawless to the stolen funds, which included $100 more than had been recorded as bank theft and were stashed in the attic of his Church Street residence.

The bandanna and sunglasses were also found by the investigators in a garbage bag in a neighbor’s garage. Following the incident, a woman at the Church Street home was was taken into custody and questioned, but she was eventually let go. Deputies from the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office and the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office supported the New Holland Police Department on the site. The Pickaway News Journal was the website where this article first published.

PC: Lancaster Bureau of Police

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