Emily Elizabeth DeLancy, teacher passed away, community mourn her death

Emily Elizabeth DeLancy, teacher passed away

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Emily Elizabeth DeLancy Death – One of Sapulpa Public Schools’ greatest teachers is currently absent. This week, Emily Elizabeth DeLancy, also known as “Liz,” passed away unexpectedly after experiencing a number of health problems that required hospitalization. In the world of education, Liz was best known for her consistent work as a substitute teacher at Sapulpa Middle School and Holmes Park Elementary. Roger Johnson, the principal at Holmes Park, remarked, “We liked having her in the office. “She had a laugh that was contagious. You’d find yourself sometimes laughing, just because she was laughing, having no idea what was said.”

Roger Johnson stated

Johnson, a mother of Addison, 14, who went to Holmes Park Elementary School, says Liz was like family. He declared, “Once a husky, always a husky.” “Whether it was in the office or the classroom, she was always there for us when we needed a replacement. She was loved by everyone and spoke her mind. Kimberly Wood, a close friend for many years, agreed, calling Liz “one of the most dependable friends a person could have.” “You could not talk to her for a month, but if you needed something, she made herself available for you, no matter the circumstances” she said.

Wood claims that because they were getting ready to bring her home at the time of her demise, she was taken aback by its suddenness. “We didn’t realize that she wouldn’t be coming home,” she said. In mid-December, DeLancy had a procedure for a blockage that was discovered in her heart. She had surgery, and the blockage was removed. According to Wood, everything went well and Liz was home in a matter of days. “No problem, we got through Christmas and everything else.” Then, on the morning of December 27th, she woke up not feeling well. Addison, Liz’s daughter, discussed the circumstances that brought her to the hospital.

Emily Elizabeth DeLancy transported to OSU Medical Center

“She said, ‘we need to go to the hospital,’ and were driving (from Kellyville) and she said, ‘is it crazy for me to be praying that there’s an ambulance at this gas station?’ and there was.” The paramedics at the ambulance in Kellyville allegedly informed Liz that she “most likely had heartburn,” gave her an aspirin, and instructed her to drive to the ambulance station in Sapulpa since they lacked a functional EKG in their vehicle. This is according to Addison and Ms. Wood. Before saying “I’m going to go out,” Liz made it to the next petrol station close to the junction of Highways 66 and 33. There, she passed out. She was transported to OSU Medical Center in Tulsa before being life-flighted to Oklahoma City by another ambulance, which was then contacted.

Not long after what doctors determined was a heart attack, Liz DeLancy suffered a massive stroke, which led to swelling of the brain, requiring surgery. Ms. Wood and Liz’s family had all anticipated “a long road to recovery” up until that point, but as her condition deteriorated, physicians had to break the bad news to them. “They came and told us, ‘we’ve done all we can, we just have to make her comfortable now,’” Wood said. Wood claimed that she told Liz that she would take care of Addison during those last several days, and she observed Liz’s response. She said, “I know she heard me because she opened her eyes really wide.”

Wood and Addison stated

Tuesday, January 10, in the early hours, Liz died away. According to Wood and Addison, they have kept themselves so busy that reality hasn’t had a chance to sink in yet. It’s so simple to believe that she’ll return at any second, Addison observes. “She was a get-up-and-go kind of person,” she continued. “It was her way or no way. Even if we had no money but wanted to accomplish something, we would still go. She says she’ll try to continue to do the things she and her mom did together, like taking trips with their dog, Lucy.

She’ll also make an effort to imitate Liz’s loyalty, which she considers to be her best attribute. “She never made promises she couldn’t fulfill.” The most, according to Addison, are her mother’s embraces and laughs. “You could tell she cared for you when she hugged you.” The funeral for Liz DeLancy will take place in Sapulpa’s First Christian Church on January 16, 2023, at 1:00 pm. To help with funeral costs, there is a GoFundMe.

PC: Renee Robertson

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