Eloise Harmon was killed in South Philadelphia shooting

By | November 27, 2021

Eloise Harmon Death – Cause of Death – 55-year-old Eloise Harmon, of Jackson Street, was fatally shot in South Philadelphia on Thanksgiving eve. This death becomes the city’s 500th homicide of 2021. Police say the suspect in the shooting is Eloise’s estranged husband and he has been taken into custody for the shooting. According to police reports, the shooting took place on Wednesday in the 2200 block of South 7th Street.

Police reported that her husband shot her to death on Thanksgiving eve on the corner of Jackson and South 7th Street, just feet away from Harmon’s home. Eloise was shot five times in the chest. There is a Surveillance video showing Eloise running for her life and screaming for help. News outlets mentioned that a police cruiser has been stationed in front of Eloise’s home, manning the area the shooting took place.

This is an ongoing investigation. Harmon’s estranged husband is currently being questioned by homicide detectives.