Editor and publisher Jeremy G. Byrne has died at 57

By | December 1, 2021

Jeremy G. Byrne Death – Cause Of Death: Editor and publisher Jeremy G. Byrne has died on Thursday 25th November  2021 in Melbourne, Australia after a lengthy battle with illness, surrounded by her family. Jeremy G. Byrne’s actual cause of death has not been specified a the time of this report.

He was born at St John of God Hospital on 4th November in the year 1964 in Subiaco, Western Australia. He was a graduate of the University of Western Australia, where he studied medicine and computer science. He was an exceptional writer, who was always creative in all he those. He was also a co-partner of Interzone Night Club and managed numerous different investments.

Byrne authored numerous stories like  “Tizzy’s Tail” (1990), “Big Blue Was Watching You” (1990), “Now is the Time” (1991), “Now is the Time (Again)” (1991), “Editorial” (Spring 1991), “From the Lands Beyond the Hill” (1992), “Directions” (1992, with Jonathan Strahan), “Awards, Holidays and Gender Issues” (1993), “Ch-ch-ch-changes” (1999) and “Editorial: Not Just Another Decade” (2000). His co-interview with author Greg Egan was also published in Eidolon (1994, with Jonathan Strahan).