Duke Little Whirlwind killed by dogs on Sunday

By | December 15, 2021

Duke Little Whirlwind Death – Cause of Death – On Sunday, 12th of December 2021, Duke Little Whirlwind, 58, of Lame Deer was killed by dogs, according to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The family of Whirlwind has described the incident as a disturbing trend plaguing their community. Officers who were dispatched to the scene reported that they found the victim but no dogs were present.

The Rosebud County Sheriff/Coroner was also present at the scene. Initial autopsy reports state that the cause of death was an attack by canines, with drugs and alcohol as contributing factors. As of Wednesday, 15th of December 2021, no dogs have been located or captured. The police said this is not the first incident involving dogs in the town.

The case remains open and under investigation by law enforcement.