Diunta Cross, 36, found dead in Tyler Park neighborhood

Diunta Cross, 36, found dead in Tyler Park neighborhood

Beechwood Avenue

LOUISVILLE, Ky — The identify of a guy who was fatally shot in the Highlands in the early part of this year has been made public by the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office. Diunta Cross, who was 36 at the time of her death, has been confirmed as the victim. Cross was discovered with a gunshot wound at approximately 1:30 a.m. on January 2 in the 1600 block of Beechwood Avenue, which is located off Baxter Avenue.

Official statement

This is according to information provided by the Louisville Metro Police Department. He was rushed to the hospital, but he did not survive his stay there. The Homicide Unit of the LMPD is in charge of the investigation. Calling the tip line at (502) 574-LMPD is an option for anyone who has information (5673). Crime tips can also be sent anonymously using the LMPD’s online Crime Tip Portal.

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Following protests against police brutality in Louisville, Kentucky, on June 1, a man was shot and killed by police. According to his mother, Odessa Riley, who spoke to the Courier Journal, the victim has been identified as David McAtee, the proprietor of YaYa’s BBQ, a well-known eatery where he provided free meals to neighborhood police officers. She told the Journal, “My son was a good son. “All he did on that barbecue corner is try to make a dollar for himself and his family, and they come along and they killed my son.” the father said.

According to Louisville Police Chief Steve Conrad, the incident occurred just after midnight when National Guardsmen and police officers were shooting at one other as they attempted to remove a crowd of demonstrators protesting Breonna Taylor’s recent death. McAtee was slain when the police and troops retaliated with gunfire. According to Conrad, a number of people of interest are being questioned in relation to the death.

When it was discovered that none of the participating cops had turned on their body cameras, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer promptly fired Conrad, according to the Journal. He declared, “This type of institutional failure will not be tolerated,” Stephon Dingle of WLKY said that McAtee’s was located at the junction where the incident took place. Dingle was informed by a bystander that those gathered at the junction weren’t protesting, but rather were simply breaking the curfew. It’s unknown if McAtee took part in the demonstrations that happened close to his eatery.

According to Wave3, an inquiry into his death indicated that McAtee passed away at his restaurant after being shot once in the chest. J. Michael Brown, the cabinet secretary for justice and public safety of Kentucky, stated at a press conference on June 9 that there was “no doubt” that a National Guard soldier fired the fatal shot based on bullet fragments. In reality, the national guard was carrying this ammo that night, Brown said. “This is the ammunition that our military carries overseas and in fact that the national guard was carrying that night,” The National Guard troops who fired shots that evening have been relieved of their active service.

Based on shell casings found at the crime scene and video evidence, Brown said that McAtee had gunshot residue on him and that his revolver had been discharged at least twice the night of the incident. Although Brown claimed that McAtee fired the first live bullet in response, footage appeared to show that Louisville Metro Police discharged tear gas in the vicinity where McAtee was standing. The National Guard then retaliated, according to Brown, “which is part of the engagement and what any law enforcement would do in that case.”

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