Dilma Spruill postal worker identified as stabbing victim, family mourn

Dilma Spruill postal worker identified as stabbing victim

PC: Henry K. Lee

Dilma Spruill Death –  The family of a veteran postal worker who was fatally stabbed in West Oakland expressed their shock at the incident’s proximity to their house. “Three houses away. She was almost home, but she’s not coming home,” said Miles Spruill. Dilma Spruill, Spruill’s mother, was being accosted on the street as she walked home after leaving work. “Somebody came up and stabbed her multiple times,” her son said. Spruill, a 71-year-old man, passed away there.

Person of interest detained

Wilbert Winchester, 28, who has a history of elder abuse convictions, was detained by Oakland police. Prosecutors in Alameda County have accused him with killing Spruill as well as attempted murder for allegedly attacking a different lady two days earlier. It is unknown why the attacks occurred. The communication was from Spruill’s son to the alleged murderer. He said, “I wish you peace and I wish you farewell,” His voice quavering, he added, “You took my best friend. The last living biological parent I have was taken by you.”

On Wednesday, it happened about 12:30 a.m. At the West Oakland post office and distribution center on 7th Street, Spruill had ended her shift sorting mail. She had spent 18 years as a postal worker. The U.S. Postal Service said in a statement that it is “We are incredibly sorry for losing our employee. Our postal family lost a member. All who had the privilege of knowing and working with Dilma could not help but be filled with enthusiasm and delight by her. Our current prayers and thoughts are with her family and her coworkers.”

Nialah Charles stated

Spruill was walking home in the middle of the night, which she usually does with no problem. But she was stabbed near 8th and Henry streets, around the corner from her home. “What the individuals doing the blood cleanup, It was right here, so if anything, she walks at an angle instead of crossing the street straight away since it kind of backtracks “As he looked over the crime scene, her kid spoke. “It’s tragic, because this is something that she does all the time, walks home, doesn’t bother anybody.” remarked Nialah Charles, a friend.

Added she, “Dilma was charming. like my second mom, she is the sweetest woman ever.” Spruill and her son looked after Welton Jackson, her long-term companion, who uses a wheelchair and receives dialysis. Jackson uttered “Twenty-seven years,” before sobbing. Spruill said, “I hope there’s justice. I hope you find whatever you need to take for you to heal. I’m not right. I’ll never be in the right. I’ll need some time to complete it.”

PC: Henry K. Lee

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