Devin Willock and Chandler LeCroy killed in car crash, UGA students morun

Devin Willock, offensive lineman

Devin Willock, offensive lineman

Devin Willock Death – Georgia and Bulldog nation were sad. In an overnight crash on Sunday, two people with ties to the University of Georgia football program perished. Devin Willock, a 20-year-old offensive lineman, and 24-year-old Chandler LeCroy, who served as a member of the football staff, died while traveling overnight in Athens. Both a player and a staff member suffered injuries in the collision, but both are expected to recover. Hours earlier, thousands of Bulldogs fans had gathered to celebrate their team’s second consecutive national victory.

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After about 24 hours, astonishment and despair are in abundance. Sunday, visitors from the neighborhood, fans, and students gathered to Sanford Stadium to leave flowers and memorial contributions at the site. The campus was in a sad mood as many lamented the loss of the two young lives. For student Rebecca Harcourt, the contrast between the celebratory atmosphere of Saturday and the nighttime, silent UGA campus was striking. “It feels very heavy. Today feels very heavy. Yesterday was very light and cheery and everyone just having the best time, and today it’s like wow, everything can change so fast. It’s just sad,” Harcourt said.

Chandler LeCroy
Chandler LeCroy, PC: Brandon Sudge

Harcourt went from elation to grief. “It’s pretty devastating, especially after the celebration and the parade yesterday. It’s sobering,” Harcourt said. Willock released a video of the celebration along the parade’s route when he was also there. There is a lot of astonishment and disbelief about it. I have trouble comprehending it, Harcourt remarked. “We saw them yesterday having the time of their lives, and today I can’t imagine the grief the team especially is going through right now.” After hearing the crash outside of her home, a woman is experiencing comparable horror.

Athens-Clarke County Police

“I hear this bang, the power goes out, and then it comes back on. I was curious, so I got out of bed and came up here,” Ceciley Pangburn said. Pangburn heard the collision along Barnett Schoals Road in Athens, which according to Athens-Clarke County Police occurred at roughly 2:45 in the morning. “I can’t even tell what happened because they hit a power line, they hit a light pole, they hit a tree, and then they hit the building. Then they end up behind the car,” Pangburn said. LeCroy was the car’s driver at the time of the collision, according to investigators.


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