Death – Luis Morales ‘Lucifer’ charged for Bridgeport fatal shooting

By | December 18, 2021

Bridgeport shooting

Clinton Taylor Death : 23-year-old Clinton Taylor, the grandson of former Bridgeport City Councilwoman Denese Taylor Moye, was shot to death by a suspect named Lucifer on the South End.

According to Bridgepoint Police Department, 23-year-old Clinton Taylor was shot multiple times and was robbed by the suspect after the shooting which happened Thursday at 9:16 p.m. inside Sammy’s Grocery & Dollar Store at 500 Park Ave.

Police located the suspect and self-acclaimed lucifer, Luis Morales, and an officer chase ensued. He was later caught and taken into custody. A handgun was recovered nearby.

City officials are calling on the community to speak up and work with police to get firearms off the street.
“I’m angry and I’m tired of people blaming the mayor, blaming the police, blaming the city council, we didn’t do no shootings,” said Bridgeport City Councilman Jorge Cruz. “I’m asking the people of the City of Bridgeport when is enough? When are you going to be proactive and get involved and tell your relatives and friends to put those damn guns down? Cause this is the result of families suffering and nobody wins.”

Officials want to make it clear to the community that they need people to speak up and work with police to get firearms off the street. Lucifer broke his leg while running from officers and was taken to Bridgeport Hospital for treatment, and has been charged with murder, felony murder, and robbery..