Death: Leah Mosher 1st woman to fly RCAF Hercules transport plane

Leah Mosher death – passed away: Leah Mosher, 67-year-old, former Pioneering RCAF Hercules pilot and School teacher passed away on Friday, November 3, 2021. She was on June 19, 1954, in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Her parents both worked in fighter support roles for the RCAF. She joined the RCAF at the age of 19, enlisting as a supply technician.

She completed a history degree at Acadia University after she enrolled in the military university training plan which is a program designed to give enlisted members a path to the officer ranks. She was then appointed as an air force supply officer at CFB Edmonton and she was promoted to captain and set her sights on becoming an air force pilot in 1978.

Leah Mosher, Deanna Brasseur and Nora Bottomley graduated in the early 1980s from RCAF flight school. They were the first three women picked to train as pilots in the Canadian Forces. She flew the CC-130 Hercules transport and the CC-144 Challenger aircraft on RCAF missions that took her around the world.

She started a second career as a teacher after earning an education degree from Queen’s University. She taught primarily in the field of special education at schools in Belleville, Ottawa and Holland for 16 years. In 2013, she retired. She also volunteered at an Ottawa women’s shelter, where she taught children sheltering with their mothers.

Leah Mosher’s obituary will be organized by the family.

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