Darin Hodges longtime firefighter died after battling with cancer

Darin Hodges longtime firefighter died after battling with cancer

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Darin Hodges Death – After a long and courageous battle with cancer, a firefighter from Midwest City has passed away. During his 24-year tenure with the fire department, Sergeant Darin Hodges gave everything he had. The Chief of the Fire Department shared this story with the press.”He brought a lot of fun,” said Chief Bert Norton of the MWCFD. “He was an easy-going guy, easy to get along with,” Chief Norton added. Hodges was a hero in several ways: he served in the fire department, and he was a veteran. “I personally had the opportunity to work with him. When I was a driver, he was my firefighter,” Norton said.

Midwest City Fire Department mourn

The MWCFD is mourning the loss of Hodges. The chief told the press he treated every call the same way. “When the call dropped, it was a total difference; he knew the task at hand, and he set out to meet the need,” said Norton. “When the call dropped, it was a total difference.” His assistance was not limited to the confines of Midwest City. “He served in the military for a while. He was serving our country in the Air Force, and as a result, he was stationed in Iraq on a deployment “Norton added. When Hodges got back to his hometown, he immediately got to work improving the efficiency of the fire department by devoting a lot of his time to training new firefighters and new recruits.

Norton stated

“He dedicated his time and each role that he was in, to making sure you understood how to be the best you could be in that role,” Norton said. Hodges went to the extra effort to commemorate dead firefighters, and he did so by joining the honor guard to make certain that each of the fallen firemen was recognized in the appropriate manner. According to Norton, “They have certain procedures and processes that they do to honor a firefighter at their own funeral,” After a year-long battle with colon cancer, Hodges lost his battle with the disease on Thursday night. He retired after serving the MWCFD for a total of 24 years.

PC: Midwest City Emergency Management

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