Daphne Fontino Ukiah resident passed away, husband mourns her death

Daphne Fontino Ukiah resident passed away

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Daphne Fontino Death – The death of Marcellino Fontino’s wife, Daphne, has left him in a state of utter devastation. “I miss her so much,” Fontino said tearfully. “She was such an amazing person. Anyone would have loved her.” On Tuesday, a woman living in Ukiah who is 43 years old got stuck in floodwaters caused by storms in Northern California while she was on her way to work. Fontino is the second storm-related death reported in Sonoma County.

Wood stated

A youngster who was only 2 years old passed away a week ago after trees fell on his house. According to Misti Wood of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office, Daphne had dialed 911 to report the incident. “When she called, she was calling for help,” Wood said. “At the time, water was dripping down the hood of her car, and we were unable to make contact with her while she was on the phone with the emergency services.” We attempted to get in touch with her by calling her number, but we were unable to reach her.”

The area around Forestville was the first place that search parties looked for Daphne. The following day, they located her inside of her submerged vehicle, which had approximately eight to ten feet of water surrounding it. “The agents came knocking on the door to tell me that my wife had died,” Marcellino Fontino said. “She had drowned. When they told me, I was very shocked and couldn’t believe it.

Daphne’s family

Daphne is survived by three children, all of them are between the ages of 10 and 14. Her husband informed her that she was driving medical patients to their appointments and other locations as necessary, and that she was currently on her way to pick up a client. In order to assist her family with the costs associated with her funeral, a GoFundMe page has been established.

Related topic: 35-Year-Old Man Found Dead in Ukiah Vineyard—Death Investigation Underway

A dead man was found in a vineyard between Norgard Lane and Plant Road in Ukiah on Wednesday, July 13, 2022, according to Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Captain Greg Van Patten. Justin Michael Malugani, a resident of Ukiah, California, according to Captain Van Patten, was the deceased. An apparent medical emergency or potential overdose appear to be significant factors at this stage of the death investigation. Captain Van Patten informed us that there are no overt indications of wrongdoing and that an autopsy with a blood alcohol/toxicology examination is scheduled for the following week.

A worker discovered Malugani dead in a vineyard. The property is owned by the City of Ukiah and is leased to a nearby vineyard management company, according to Captain Van Patten. After a May 2020 incident in which he set fire to a boat, an RV, and three vehicles close to the Ukiah airport, Malugani was found guilty of arson and other offences. According to the Mendocino County Superior Court Portal, for these crimes, he received a three-year state prison sentence. When he was released from this sentence is unknown to us.

His roughly a dozen criminal cases, some of which date back to 2002, have been heard by the Mendocino County Courts. In 2014, Malugani met with Mendocino County resident Jason Killilea to talk about his existence on the streets of Ukiah. At the time, Killilea was creating the YouTube series “Word On the Street.” It’s important to note that the train tracks, which are frequently used by Ukiah’s homeless to cross, are nearby the area where Malugani was found dead.

PC: Jonathan T Cheung

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