Dajon Shingleton arrested in fatal downtown shooting

Isaiah Lorenzo Martinez identified as shooting victim in Kannapolis

Isaiah Lorenzo Martinez identified as shooting victim in Kannapolis

Dajon Shingleton Death – According to authorities, a resident of Spring Valley was arrested on Saturday on suspicion of fatally shooting a man in downtown San Diego on Friday. Early on Saturday, 20-year-old Dajon Shingleton was discovered at home and taken into custody on suspicion of murder. According to San Diego Lt. Steve Shebloski, the incident was reported at at 4:35 a.m. on Friday on L Street and Sixth Avenue, close to Petco Park. Officers found a 29-year-old man lying on the sidewalk with an upper body gunshot wound one block north on Seventh Avenue. The victim passed away before being taken to a hospital.

Shebloski stated

Investigators learned the suspected shooter was part of a group that had fled the area following the incident, Shebloski said. Two others are said to have reportedly fled into a nearby parking garage while others in the gang were observed fleeing in a white Jeep SUV. Shebloski said that before to the shooting, the victim and the suspect and others of his gang had a brief verbal altercation. Shebloski stated in a statement that “during that brief verbal exchange, the suspect produced a handgun and shot the victim at least once in the upper body.” Once his family has been informed, the victim will be named.

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A 19-year-old suspect in the fatal shooting of a man in downtown Carson City has been taken into custody by sheriff’s deputies. Samuel Cocking was detained shortly after the incident on Wednesday night, according to Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong, and he was in possession of a semi-automatic weapon that was missing a valid serial number. He had a Texas-issued identity card with him.

In the Carson City Jail, where he was booked on suspicion of open murder, having a firearm with a changed or removed serial number, and carrying a hidden weapon without a licence, Cocking was being held without bond on Thursday. The victim is an adult man, but his name has not been made public. Authorities claim that when he came into contact with the suspect, he was walking on the sidewalk on East William Street near North Stewart Street with his son and a friend.

After some altercation, the defendant allegedly reached into his pocket for a revolver and shot the victim, according to Furlong. When patrol units arrived, Cocking was still at the shooting scene, the source claimed. It’s unclear if they have a lawyer or if one will be assigned to them for their upcoming court appearance. 2022 The Associated Press Copyright. Toutes droits réservés. This content cannot be written over, aired, published, or transmitted again.

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