Cristian Flores-Padilla, 25, found shot to death, South Los Angeles, suspects at large

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LOS ANGELES Death — After the body of a man was found with gunshot wounds in October in South Los Angeles, the authorities are still looking for the culprits involved. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was able to determine that the deceased person was 25-year-old Cristian Flores-Padilla. At around 11:25 p.m. on October 14, deputies responded to reports of a person who had been hurt on the 2300 block of East El Segundo Boulevard.

Official statement

The authorities claim that when they arrived, they found Flores-Padilla lying on the ground and that he was suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to his upper torso. The body of the victim was discovered at a small market close to a pay phone. At the location of the incident, his death was pronounced. According to the investigators, Flores-Padilla left a meeting with his family and was strolling along train lines in the direction of El Segundo Boulevard when he abruptly started running.

What was the level of casualties recorded?

Apparently, as soon as he started running, three guys and three ladies were also spotted sprinting on the east side of Willowbrook toward El Segundo Boulevard, according to witnesses. Two guys were seen crossing the roadway in the direction of Flores-Padilla, who abruptly stopped their pursuit. The authorities claim that one suspect was spotted shooting at Flores-Padilla while another suspect remained as a lookout. Officials were led to assume that the suspects were locals because, after shooting the victim, the suspects fled the area but did not run past 130th Street.

Investigation still ongoing

The investigators believe that there are more witnesses who may have seen the culprits or who may be able to provide new information regarding the shooting. At a news conference held on Wednesday, the mother of the victim spoke about her son, describing him as a decent person who was dedicated to both his career and his athletics. “They did not just take his life; they took a part of us,” said Vanessa Flores, the victim’s sister. “They did not just take his life, but they took a part of us.” “My mom is the one who is feeling the majority of the pain right now.” The Homicide Bureau of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department can be reached at 323-890-5500 if anyone has any information on this case.

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