Friends, Family Mourning Death of Courtney Sumpter Topeka, KS

Courtney Sumpter Topeka, KS Death – Cause of Death: TOPEKA, Ks. — Courtney Sumpter of Kansas City, Missouri has sadly passed away. Courtney Sumpter was announced deceased on Facebook, Friday, December 10th, 2021 by Molly Wood. Details surrounding Courtney Sumpter’s death are unknown at the time of this report. Courtney was in a relationship with Brandon M. Hill.

Molly Wood mourned the “unexpected passing” of Courtney Sumpter of Kansas City, Missouri, in a statement shared on Facebook.

“Courtney Sumpter my meatball. My Best friend. My sister. I’ve got 10 years with you. 10 years of some of the best, most ridiculous memories that can never be replaced. You have brought such a light to my life that cannot be dimmed. I am so thankful I can hold onto the last 2 months with you talking on the phone and FaceTime AT LEAST 5x a week and you building the sweetest relationship with your nephew, Huxton. I’m so heartbroken I’ve lost another sister, But I sit here writing this with happy tears because I know Brittany Stewart greeted you at Heavens’s gates dancing and squeezing you with the best bear hug and kiss. You are going to be so well taken care of by Beens. I love you so much, Courts. See you later my beautiful, talented best friend.”

While announcing the passing of Courtney Sumpter, Annie Gross also said, “Courtney Sumpter the tears can’t stop flowing. I hate that we didn’t catch up by now. Oh how I’ll always remember the fun we had, you were such a beautiful soul. So caring and loving I was so happy to see you were in beauty school and to ask you how it was as I was doing so as well! I will miss you my dear friend, HOOTERS GIRLS for life. Hooters is a bond of sisters or it’s no connection just a job, but I’ve created so many memories with so many and I love you all! Rest in Love my sweet Courtney shine down your light.”

Courtney Sumpter obituary and funeral arrangements will be announced at a later date by her family.

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