County Durham teenager Dylan Lee commits suicide

By | November 18, 2021

Dylan Lee Death – Cause of Death – 19 year old Dylan Lee, from County Durham sadly passed away. According to news reports, Dylan Lee who was described as a promising teenager, took his own life at home in May this year. News outlets have mentioned that Dylan was a loving older brother, did well at school, and was thoughtful, sensitive and kind.

According to the mother of the deceased, Jane, after finishing his A-Levels, Dylan and his family were also enduring an intense campaign of harassment by their neighbors because of their Romani Gypsy heritage. She said two years after the after the persistent abuse, Dylan had lost all hope and could not see the abuse ending at any point in time and that led to his decision to end his life.

According to Dylan’s mother Jane, the harassment started in 2019. She said the neighbors threw shards of glass into their chicken coop, started a petition to try to “rid the village of gypsies”, destroyed their property, verbally abused and physically intimidated them, made malicious reports to local authorities, and even started a fire on Jane’s land for which she was blamed, Good Law Project reported.

Photo Credit – Kay Scorah