Christopher Dobbins 30, identified as East Broadway homicide victim, suspect in custody

Kendrick Newsome identified as fatal Tuscumbia crash victim

Kendrick Newsome identified as fatal Tuscumbia crash victim

Christopher Dobbins Death – The identity of the person who was killed in a homicide that occurred on Tuesday afternoon was revealed by the North Little Town police department. Christopher Dobbins, 30 years old, was found on the 1700 block of East Broadway at approximately 3:43 in the afternoon. Dobbins was located by police suffering from at least one gunshot wound and was pronounced dead at the scene, according to the police.

Suspect identified

Brandon Jefferson, age 25, has been named as a suspect in connection with the homicide, according to the police. There is a warrant out for Jefferson’s arrest, charging him with first-degree murder as well as aggravated robbery. Anyone in the public who believes they may know where Jefferson is located is urged to get in touch with the police station in their area. Officials have asked that anybody who may have information on this fatal shooting to contact the NLRPD tip line at (501) 680-8439 or Detective Stroud at (501) 975-8771 as soon as possible.

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A restaurant shooting in August that left two people dead and six injured was survived, police say, by the guy found dead behind the wheel of his car in East Vancouver on Monday night. Hung Van Bui, 27, was shot on Monday, according to Vancouver police. His body was found slumped inside his car on the sidewalk in the 600 block of East 65th Avenue. “Mr. Bui, who last year was a survivor of the Fortune Happiness Restaurant shooting, was known to police and believed to be involved in the drug trade,” police spokesman Const. Tim Fanning said Tuesday night. On August 9 of last year, at around 4:30 a.m. PT, two masked males entered the Fortune Happiness Restaurant at 654 East Broadway and started shooting.

They were all seated at the same table, four males and four ladies who had been shot. The two males who were killed, who were 19 and 26 and of Asian heritage, were claimed to be well-known to the police at the time. Bui was accused with first-degree murder in the June 1999 stabbing death of UPS delivery driver Andrew Allen in Edmonton, according to the press. The accusation was dropped. The attorney who defended Bui when he was 18 years old, Sid Tarrabain, verified Tuesday night that Bui had moved to Vancouver but added that the two had remained in touch over the years. “I haven’t seen him in years. I have heard from him from time to time,” Tarrabain told the media┬áin a telephone interview from his Edmonton home.

The murder charge against Bui was stayed because the Crown “had virtually no case against him,” Tarrabain said Tuesday. “There was no evidence really connecting him to the crime,” Tarrabain said of the 1999 murder charge. The lawyer described Bui as a “very nice young man” who came from a good family. On Thursday, Fanning declined to provide any additional information regarding the conceivable relationship between Bui’s passing and the shootings at the Fortune Happiness eatery. In relation to the restaurant shootings, there have been no arrests. Residents on East 65th Avenue reported hearing shots about 10:20 p.m. PT on Monday, according to Fanning. “A little time after the police arrived, paramedics arrived.

They realized there was nothing they could do and that the man had apparently died from gunshot wounds “Before Bui was recognized by the police as the shooting victim, Fanning said. One witness told the press that he saw two men jump out of a vehicle and shoot the driver of the car as he was parking on the street, but police did not confirm that account. Police said on Tuesday morning that they have no suspect descriptions and no firearms have been found. Bui’s killing is the city’s 12th homicide of the year and police said they believe it was another targeted attack. According to the 37 homicides in the Metro Vancouver area this year, 17 of them may have been targeted attacks, likely involving gangs and organized crime.

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