Charlotte Walden Guffin, Gardendale, Alabama Death

By | November 17, 2021

Charlotte Walden Guffin passed away – death: Charlotte Walden Guffin an Independent Distributor at Young Living Essential Oils a long-time resident of Gardendale and a member of Gardendale First Baptist Church passed away after battling with an illness for a long time. Charlotte Walden Guffin posted on her timeline on Friday, November 5, 2021, seeking prayers from friends and family as she was about to start immunotherapy on Tuesday, November 9, 2021.

Charlotte Walden Guffin, a long-time resident of Gardendale and a member of Gardendale First Baptist Church which is a Southern Baptist megachurch in Gardendale, Alabama. The senior pastor is Dr. Kevin Hamm. The church was founded in 1876. In 1992, Steve Gaines became senior pastor, before leaving in 2006. In 2006, Kevin Hamm became senior pastor. The church claims weekly attendance of about 3,500 worshipers. She is an Independent Distributor at Young Living Essential Oils,. Young Living employs a multi-level marketing model, recruiting “thousands of independent distributors who can sell directly to customers and earn commissions on sales to distributors recruited into a hierarchical network called ‘downlines’.” Although distributors can potentially make a profit from direct sales, more money is made by commissions through sales made by people who the distributors recruit. Distributors are categorized based on their sales: the lowest rank with the least sales are referred to as simply “Distributors”, while at the top are the “Royal Crown Diamonds

If you knew Charlotte Guffin, you truly loved her. I am thanking the Lord today that I had the privilege of knowing her since the day I was born. She’s the mom of one of my dearest friends and consequently is like a second mom to me. My childhood is full of the sweetest memories with her. She made everything an adventure—from sleepovers to beach trips, to Taco Bell at 2 am. Her mantra that I still remember is that “only boring people get bored.” She was the opposite of boring. She brought the party wherever she went! She had this incredible gift of making time stand still and really loving the person in front of her. She savored moments with family and friends, and she lived in a way that reminds me that stopping to really see people and to really love them is always more important than sticking to a tight schedule or marking things off of the to-do list. She was pure joy to be around. She found beauty in the day-to-day moments, and she was honestly one of the happiest people I’ve ever known. Her secret to exuberant joy didn’t lie in circumstances at all, but in Jesus Christ. She wanted everyone to know HIM. And you can’t talk about Charlotte without mentioning her amazing voice. I grew up hearing her sing at church, in her home, and I even got to walk down the aisle on my wedding day to her singing “He’s Always Been Faithful.” I can only imagine the way that she is worshiping our Savior now, with undoubtedly, the most beautiful voice in all of heaven. I love you, Charlotte Walden Guffin!!! Thank you for living a life well lived!

Charlotte Walden Guffin’s obituary will be announced by the family.

Photo Credit (PC) goes to Charlotte Walden Guffin.