Chance The Wind Smith arrested for shooting on Colville Reservation


Chance The Wind Smith Arrested – After a shooting incident that occurred on the Colville Indian Reservation in 2021, an Omak man was found guilty and given a sentence of 96 months in prison. 32-year-old Chance The Wind In September 2021, Smith was taken into custody after being accused of shooting a man in the stomach and taking his automobile. As he was driving away, Smith almost ran over a child. Smith was identified as the possible perpetrator by witnesses. In addition, video footage revealed the suspect physically abusing a woman before the shooting and seizing the automobile that the victim had been driving.

Victim survive

The victim was able to survive his injuries and is currently making a recovery. “Native Americans experience some of the highest rates of violence in the country, a situation that is all the more tragic in light of the generations of trauma already suffered by Indigenous people,” said U.S. Attorney Vanessa R. Waldref. “We are grateful for the tremendous partnership between the FBI and Tribal law enforcement, which helped achieve justice for the victim and his family.” The allegations of assault with a dangerous weapon and theft were accepted by Smith’s guilty plea. Following the completion of his sentence of 96 months in jail, he then be subject to three additional years of federal monitoring following his release from incarceration.

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After a daylong search on a tribal reservation in northern Washington, authorities reported on Friday that they had detained three suspects in the killings of two persons and the shooting of a police officer. On Friday night, the Colville Tribes Emergency Services posted on Facebook that the third suspect had been detained in Elmer City, one of many little settlements on the remote reservation. Two more people were taken into custody earlier today. The Colville Tribal Police Department said it responded to a report of a shooting on Thursday in Keller, west of Spokane. Officers found two people dead, and an officer who came across a vehicle described as having left the scene was shot in the arm. After being taken for medical attention, the department stated in a news release that he was doing well.

Curry Pinkham and Zachary Holt were two of the suspects that were named by the police. Another individual who was the third suspect has not been named. The killings’ potential motive was likewise kept a secret by the police. Overnight, tribal police conducted a search for the suspects with assistance from the FBI, Border Patrol, Washington State Patrol, local police, and sheriff’s deputies. Residents were advised by authorities to stay indoors while the search was underway. Overnight, the search area grew to include Nespelem, a small town 20 miles outside of Keller.  Nespelem resident Robin Redstar, a member of the Colville tribe, claimed that she and other locals spent hours waiting in their home while one of the suspects was at one point thought to be in a gully behind her home.

Around 10 a.m., police finally detained a man in front of her house after he attempted to enter her neighbor’s back door, according to Redstar. The man was captured by her neighbor, a hunter with rifles, and brought to the street where a tribal police cruiser was waiting, according to Redstar. The man was assisted in getting to the police car by two of her neighbor’s pals. When she rushed outside to her truck, she claimed to have seen her neighbor with the suspect.”It was pretty quick. Corbie (the neighbor) was giving him a good speech about morals,” she said. The Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation’s executive director, Cody Desautel, announced in a letter that Keller and Nespelem schools would be closed on Friday “due to the situation that has effected both districts tonight.”

Any evacuated families are welcome at a gymnasium in nearby Coulee Dam, according to Desautel. Another local school district that serves the small towns of Wilbur and Creston also decided to cancel classes on Friday. The district stated that there had been “a tragedy in the Keller community” involving the loss of lives in a message on its Instagram page. “Right now, our hearts are heavy, and we are in support of the entire Keller Community,” the message said. A total of twelve Native American tribes have 9,400 descendants that make up the Confederated Tribes of the Colville. Nearly 2,200 square miles of the reserve are located west of Lake Roosevelt, a reservoir created on the Columbia River by the Grand Coulee Dam.

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