Carolyn Hart 65, identified in fatal Huntington, WV. fire victim

Nathaniel Swopes 69, identified as Raytown fire victim

Nathaniel Swopes 69, identified as Raytown fire victim

Carolyn Hart Death – According to Bryan Chambers, who works for the City of Huntington, an early morning structure fire on Harvey Road resulted in the death of one person. According to Chambers, the report came in around 5:32 a.m. within the 2600 block of Harvey Road, and firefighters arrived to the scene. It has been determined that a woman was the victim of a fire that occurred in Huntington.

Victim identified

Carolyn Hart, who was 65 years old and from Huntington, was found dead inside the house, according to the Huntington Police Department. According to what they have heard, the authorities are currently investigating what caused the fire and ultimately led to Hart’s death. According to Chambers, after the scene was secured, crews began their investigation into what caused the fire and how the person died in it.

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On Tuesday, a man and three children who perished in a house fire in Huntington were remembered by family, friends, and neighbors. Joseph Dontae Keeton, 30, Kiana Lashay Keeton, 8, Korbin Allen Rashawn Leonard, 3, and Kyson Keeland Keeton, 2, perished in a fire that broke out inside a house in the 2800 block of Cottage Street on Monday morning. Kiana and Kyson’s father was Joseph Dontae Keeton. During the memorial service on Tuesday, family and friends played some of the victims’ favorite songs, exchanged tales about happy experiences, and consoled one another outside the house.

In their honor, they also lit candles and let out balloons. Mother of Joseph Keeton and grandmother to Kiana and Kyson is Johnna McCoy-Singleton. She recalled Korbin as bright and gregarious, always curious about what the adults were doing. She stated that Kyson was in his terrible twos and was still figuring things out. She called Kiana her “precious princess” in her statement. McCoy-Singleton stated, “Kiana, my dear princess, always told me she was destined to be a star. She proclaimed, “Mimi, I want to dance, sing, and act.” She claimed that the three kids sang along to “Jesus Loves Me” and prayed to God every night before going to bed.

On Monday, when firefighters and EMS arrived at the burning house, they discovered that Joseph Keeton had been taken outside and was receiving CPR from a neighbor. Despite not knowing who they were, McCoy-Singleton said she wanted to express her gratitude to them. “I don’t know who the young man was that pulled my son out of this fire and tried to give him CPR, but God bless you,” she said. “Thank you for being part of the community, and thank you for not being afraid to step out and help your neighbor and love your neighbor, because that’s what God asks us to do.”

The pastor of the First Baptist Church on 6th Avenue is John Porter. He claimed that because of social distance, which makes it difficult for individuals to hug one another, the COVID-19 outbreak has made the tragedy tougher for the family. “With this kind of thing going on, it’s hard to reach out to people and go to their homes when they are telling you not to,” Porter said. “This is the time they need us, and it’s hard not to do it when you know somebody needs you and you want to be there for them.” Porter predicted that the family will require assistance from the wider community to survive the catastrophe. That entails getting in touch with them, making them a meal, and attending to their needs. The fire is still under investigation.


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