Carl Bowers firefighter died after battling with cancer, Pace community mourn

Carl Bowers firefighter died after battling with cancer

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Carl Bowers Death – The Pace community is honoring the life of Carl Bowers, a firefighter with the Pace Fire Rescue District and an EMT, who passed away on Sunday. On Sunday, Carl Bowers lost his battle with angiosarcoma, a rare kind of cancer that appears in the lining of the blood and lymph vessels. Since 2016, Bowers has worked for the fire district. In 2007, he began working with Escambia County Fire Rescue.

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He received a diagnosis of angiosarcoma in 2021. Every year, it is discovered in one in a million people. “Carl was loved by everyone,” Shannon Bowers, Carl Bower’s wife said. “Carl always had a smile. He was always very positive. He was usually positive. He had no strangers ever. He was obviously a public servant because becoming a firefighter was all he ever wanted to do.” “He loved all the firemen there in Pace,” Shannon said.


It’s a little difficult for me because it takes a really special sort of person to want to get up and help their community the way he did, and that’s what he decided to do, all the way up until December 10 of this year. Bowers chose to resign after realizing his diagnosis would have compromised his team’s safety but continued to work despite it. Bowers was 36 years old. His wife, children, and grandchildren all survived him.

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The loss of one of its own is being mourned by the Glendale Fire Department. The department posted on Facebook that firefighter Mark Fowl passed away on Monday following a battle with cancer. “Our hearts are truly broken as we navigate the loss of our brother Mark,” the post said. According to the post, Fowl was a cherished employee of the department who was constantly on hand to meet you with a friendly smile. In 2021, Fowl was diagnosed with brain cancer. He “fought with everything he had to survive,” according to the message.

The public information officer for the fire department stated in a press release that Mark was “a beloved member of our department. Mark will be deeply missed and we will do our best to honor him and his family.” Fowl had worked for the division since the beginning of 2002. He leaves behind a wife and two children who were “a constant source of strength and love” for him. As we deal with the loss of our brother, Mark, our hearts are genuinely devastated, said Captain Ashley Losch, public information officer for the Glendale Fire Department.

Mark was a cherished employee of our department, and we will try our best to commemorate him and his family. In the upcoming days, Fowl’s funeral plans are anticipated to be made public. In memory of the deceased firefighter, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey on Tuesday ordered that flags at all state buildings be flown at half-staff on Wednesday from dawn until dusk.

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