Bruce Raynor identified as fatal hit-and-run victim, family seek justice

Jose Salcedo identified as hit-and-run victim

Jose Salcedo identified as hit-and-run victim

Bruce Raynor Death – The victim of a tragic hit-and-run accident that occurred near southwest archer road on Tuesday has been identified by the Gainesville Police Department. They identified the individual as Bruce Raynor, who is 37 years old. The victim’s sisters have expressed that their hearts are filled with sadness. “I’m just divested that somebody would do that,” shared Bruce’s sister, Christi Raynor. “The amount of time that he laid there struggling to breathe while nobody contacted the police and nobody said a word. If only somebody had done something sooner, maybe he would still be alive today.

Location of the incident

The hit-and-run incident took place behind the Kohl’s department store. It was in this location that police officers searched for a gray Toyota pickup truck that witnesses reported seeing drive through the neighborhood at a high rate of speed. “It’s awful that somebody can just hit someone and leave them there,” shared Bruce’s sister, Tina Roberts. “Of course it’s a crippling feeling, but he was our baby brother, and all we want is justice,” they said. According to officials with the GPD, a citizen reported a strange car after calling the department. That vehicle has been found and the paperwork for it is currently being completed.

Information from the family of Raynor

It is not an easy road to travel around, according to locals who cycle through the area on a regular basis. “It’s honestly quite scary,” shared Mario Campbells. “I take this road to and from work six times, six days a week. It’s really worrisome, especially at this time of day, because I have to drive to and from work every day. According to Raynor’s family, hit-and-run accidents that result in fatalities happen much too frequently, and they push for a safer environment for bikers. “Bicyclists are not safe anymore and it’s happening way too many times and people are not coming forward,” shared Christi Raynor. “That tells a very cowardly act to just hit somebody and not come forward.” The family decided to lessen the financial burden of their brother Bruce’s funeral by starting a GoFundMe campaign.

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