Brian Goff and Joni Davis missing

By | December 9, 2021

Brian Goff and Joni Davis missing – Car and bodies of missing Belmont County couple found

There was a missing person appeal issued for a couple who reportedly went missing on June 10, 2018, after eating dinner at the St. Clairsville Pizza Hut. Unfortunately, officers called off the search when the car of the missing couple was found with their bodies inside. The bodies were found on old Route 7 in Jefferson County.

What happened to Belmont County?

According to the Belmont County Sheriff, divers had discovered the car in the Ohio river, on Thursday morning, on opening the car to check the contents, the police found out that they still had their seat belts on. Could it be an accident? or they were killed and submerged in the river. After rigorous investigations, with Belmont County Sheriffs, working hand in gloves with the Jefferson County Sheriffs, foul play is being suspected.

The search for Belmont county couple

Since the disappearance of the couple, was reported to authorities, there has been a wide search that comprised of the FBI, Belmont County Sheriffs, and the Jefferson County Sheriffs who joined in not too long, and an Ohio BCI Crime Scene Unit who came up after the couple was found. 

The Belmont County Sheriff’s have informed the family of couple, and they have at least had a lasting end to the case, though a sad one.

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