Boulder Colorado Shooting – Ten killed in King Soopers massacre identified

By | December 16, 2021

Boulder Colorado Shooting – – victims identified

Tralona Bartkowiak Death : A total of ten people including a police officer were shot dead Monday in Boulder Colorado, when a gunman opened fire at a supermarket. This is happening just six days after a mass shooting in Atlanta.

Boulder Shooting

51-year-old Eric Talley was identified as the officer killed in the massacre. Erick was an 11-year veteran on the Boulder force, he was responding to the King Soopers grocery market when he was struck. The identities of the victims are as following,

  • 20-year-old Denny Stong Death – Cause of Death :

  • 23-year-old Neven Stanisic Death – Cause of Death :

  • 25-year-old Rikki Olds Death – Cause of Death :

  • 49-year-old Tralona Bartkowiak Death – Cause of Death :

  • 59-year-old Suzanne Fountain  Death – Cause of Death :

  • 51-year-old Teri Leiker Death – Cause of Death :

  • 51-year-old Eric Tally Death – Cause of Death :

  • 61-year-old Kevin Mahoney Death – Cause of Death :

  • 62-year-old Lynn Murray Death – Cause of Death :

  • 65-year-old Jody Waters Death – Cause of Death

The suspected gunman was taken into custody after the shooting, according to Boulder Police Commander Kerry Yamaguchi.

There is no ongoing public threat,” . “We do have a person of interest in custody. That person was injured during the incident and is being treated for the injuries.”

Yamaguchi said.

No motive for the attack was disclosed. Matthew T. Kirsch, the First Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Colorado, said the FBI and other federal agents will be assisting in the case. He promised that the “full weight of federal law enforcement” will be brought in the investigation.

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Roberto and Ilce Rivero’s son, who attends Fairview High School near the King Soopers feels shootings are the norm, and he hopes that feeling will change.

“I hope this tragedy… will help change laws, gun laws in particular, and we can all work together to make a better, more peaceful world for our children, This is a sad day for Boulder.”

Roberto said.