Baltimore ex-officer, accomplice, two daughters found shot dead in Maryland

By | November 19, 2021

                                  Ex- Officer Robert Vicosa shooting

Robert Vicosa Death : After a four days search with ex-Baltimore County Police Officer Robert Vicosa, his two daughters, and a suspended Baltimore County police sergeant Tia Bynum, were located shot dead inside a crashed vehicle in rural Maryland Thursday, reports say.

Officials say Vicosa have been on a wanted list since Monday after he allegedly abducted his two daughters, 7-year-old Tia Bynum and 6-year-old Aaminah Vicosa. Investigators were called to a scene of a possible car crash and located the vehicle with three persons, including one of the children died at the scene. The second daughter died after being airlifted to the hospital.

Preliminary findings shows the 42-year-old persuaded his ex-wife to come to his Red Lion home in Pennsylvania for a surprise birthday. On arrival, they had  cake and Vicosa offered to surprise her a little more, then Tia and Vicosa grabbed her by the arms, and Robert put a handgun to her head and forced her into the basement and tied her up. She was forced to snort a Oxycontin pill and smoke marihuana.

Vicosa then threatened to kill her and the girls, and led her to a bedroom, where she was sexually assualted Friday and Saturday. She escaped on Sunday by persuade him to let her go get some clothes and her computer. Once out of the Red Lion house, she sought help from a Target employee. Local police obtained a warrant and entered Vicosa’s home on Monday. The house was torn apart, with a window shattered at the back of the house.

Authorities say Vicosa was driving Bynum’s car when he departed from his home with the abducted girls. They found the vehicle partially submerged in a canal near a woman’s rural Pennsylvania property. The homeowner, whose son called the police, said she had stepped out for an afternoon walk when Vicosa emerged from her camper vehicle and shoved a gun in her face.

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