Ashton Roberts, 15, found shot, killed in south Macon

Savannah's father receives deferred judgment for her death

MACON, Ga. — The person responsible for the shooting death of Ashton Roberts, who was 15 years old, has been identified by the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office. Algie Bryant, who is 57 years old, is being investigated for multiple crimes, one of which being murder. Last week, Debra Parker claims that she was in the area and heard what sounded like gunshots. This time, they were a dangerously short distance from the house. “Although I’m used to hearing gunshots, I’ve never heard them in this specific region before. In most cases, two or three neighborhoods away will suffice “Parker remarked.

How was Ashton Roberts killed

The body of the youngster was found in the 4100 block of Pinson Street at twelve o’clock in the afternoon, according to Coroner Leon Jones. This location is close to Houston Avenue and Rocky Creek Road. Ashton Roberts reportedly had multiple gunshot wounds when authorities found him, according to the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office. Since more than five years ago, Parker has made his home in the same neighborhood as where Roberts was shot. “Because these were too close together, I needed to listen to determine whether or not these were also moving. It sounded like it was right outside my window, “Parker remarked. There is yet no new information regarding the manner in which he was shot.

Official statement

The sheriff’s office has stated that they are only beginning their inquiry into the matter. “It is heartbreaking to even consider that it might have been anyone’s child in that situation. It hurts me very deeply. I can’t even begin to fathom what the mother must be feeling at this very moment “Parker remarked. Parker has expressed the desire that certain areas of the community be given a thorough cleaning. “The more you get to the rear, the less certain things become. I’ve talked to the people that live just behind me. Very kind individuals, and I’m sure that they, like me, are dissatisfied with the way things are being done there ” I quote her. In the previous year, there were a record-breaking 70 homicides, and 15 of the victims were teens.

This also contains two other individuals who are 15 years old. The death of Roberts is the second person to be ruled a homicide in Macon-Bibb this year. According to the sheriff’s office, Roberts’ body will be sent to the GBI crime lab so that an autopsy may be performed on him. Without a bond, Algie Bryant is being kept in the detention facility of the Bibb County law enforcement department.

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