Ashley Miller-Carlson missing – 33-year-old Wisconsin woman found dead

By | November 29, 2021

Ashley Miller-Carlson missing – Remains of missing Wisconsin mother of 4 found in Pine County

There is always a state of unrest when a loved one goes missing but it’s sad, and heartbreaking, to find the person dead. The family of 33-year-old Wisconsin woman, Ashley Miller-Carlson, who was reported missing in September are in mourning, because the she has been found dead. This tragic news has broken the hearts of the deceased woman’s loved ones. But have also brought the long search to an end. “this is a sad day our family hoped would not come, and there are still many questions that need answers, but the important thing is we now have Ashley.” Said Miller-Carlson’s mother.

Police say Miller-Carlson was last seen in the Hinckley area on Friday, September 4, 2021. When search stated, her car was found shortly after her disappearance, submerged in Grace Lake with her personal belongings inside. 

What happened to Ashley Miller-Carlson?

When Miller-Carlson’s car was found, she was not there. Could it be that Miller-Carlson was removed from the car and killed? Or was it an accident? Investigations were still going Until the remains was reportedly found on Saturday, November 27, 2021, in Pine County.

Authorities are still investigating this case. Hopefully there will be answers to the many questions on the minds of her loved ones.