Angelo Zamora charged in Billings South Side abduction

Angelo Zamora charged in Billings South Side abduction

Angelo Zamora charged in Billings South Side abduction

Angelo Zamora Arrested – Billings police said on Thursday that they have arrested a person of interest in connection with an alleged attempted kidnapping of another man the previous week. Angelo Zamora, age 21, was taken into custody on suspicion of three charges of assault with a weapon, criminal endangerment, criminal mischief, evading, obstruction, and resisting arrest, according to a post made on social media by Lieutenant Matt Lennick of the Billings Police Department.

Further information from the police

He was given a bond set at $50,000 and placed into the Yellowstone County jail. On January 13, surveillance showed a man forcing another man into a Mitsubishi Eclipse near the intersection of South 30th Street and Fourth Avenue South. According to the police, the victim, who was only described as a male in his 20s, was able to force his way out of the truck and escape the scene.

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According to recent statements made by the Billings Police Department, the claim of an attempted kidnapping of a child earlier this week was untrue. We reported on Wednesday, based on information obtained from the Billings Police Department, that a youngster aged 12 years old was seized by an unknown male who was peeking into cars near the intersection of 10th Street West and Avenue B. The young boy reported to the authorities that he witnessed the adult male make an attempt to grab him as he walked by. The young youngster dashed back to his house and told his parents, who then contacted the authorities.

Thursday was the day that a follow-up investigation was carried out by a school resource officer. The officer was able to find contradictions in the boy’s statement by conducting interviews with local individuals. The child’s account was not able to be verified through the video surveillance in the vicinity. The child admitted that the incident did not take place when the resource officer reinter viewed him about the contradictions in the report. The child’s parents and the school will work together to address any disciplinary action that needs to be taken against the child.

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