Andris Wofford shot dead in Northwest Side Residence, CPD officer arrested

By | December 10, 2021

Andris Wofford Death – Cause Of Death: CHICAGO — 29-year-old Andris Wofford from Chicago, Illinois was shot to death at an apartment in the Northwest Side on Thursday 9th December 2021. An unidentified Chicago police officer has been taken into custody in connection with the killing of Andris Wofford.

Police responded to a call on a welfare check at approximately 10:10 a.m in the 2100 block of North Nashville, Upon police arrival, they discovered Wofford with an apparent gunshot wound to her chin, she was declared dead at the scene of the shooting. She attended Charles A. Prosser Career Academy and proceeded to Northern Illinois University and continued at Dominican University.

Later on Thursday evening, Wofford was arrested and his police power has been relieved. Friends and family have taken time to pay homage to Wofford on her sad demise, below are some of them: Brooks Cecelia said  “We slept on the floor together for a whole semester in college, you trusted me & raye to throw Ava baby shower, we ran Chicago streets, Atlanta streets, Panama City Beach Streets, experienced motherhood/relationships/careers everything. My sister, my HBB, my friend, I’m so sorry. I love you for life. Tell my granny I said what’s up, I miss y’all and our Dekalb sleepovers Wolfpack.”

Towanda Tiffany Abbott said “I have been trying my best to find some type of way to deal with the loss of one of my kid’s mothers! I am shocked I am hurt and I don’t even have the words for my little AVA! But what I can say is that Andris B. Wofford was a phenomenal woman and mother! Now y’all know how I feel about my daycare kids! LIKE MY VERY OWN EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM! She wasn’t a personal friend of mines but I LOVED her daughter! From Chicago to Dekalb I was rocking and rolling with my baby! I have so many videos and pictures of her! No child should ever have to endure this type of pain! I can’t believe she’s gone and I am so worried about my baby! Prayers for AVA, her sister, and the whole Wofford family!

Antoinette Green Said “I remember when Ronett first told me I had to share her with you and hunty I was not looking forward to sharing. Iykyk but Little did I know I was paired with one of the most kind-hearted souls around. Knowing I won’t get to hear one more “Heyyyy BB” and not having that last call to check on you and the girls are really tearing me up inside because I just knew I had more time. It was nothing but love from you. You will be missed, Andris B. Wofford.

Photo credit – Andris B. Wofford