Amado Santos Tello 24 identified Portland shooting victim, Community mourn


Amado Santos Tello Death – As Portland police look for the person responsible for the first fatal shooting of 2023, a community is in grief. His last deed, according to a friend of the victim, was heroic. Memorials set up around this area show just how loved he was. At one right behind the gas station, you can see the victim’s friends and family called him “Nacho.” They said it’s a nickname taken from his grandfather’s name. A family in Portland claims that on Monday, their entire world altered. Erica Santos, Amado’s sister, identified him as “Amado Santos Tello.”

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“I just went blank. Didn’t know what to think. My little brother you know. Is it true?” Amado’s brother Rolando Santos Tello said. Amado, 24, was one of five children. His older sister claimed to have been at home on that occasion and had heard gunfire at the neighboring 76 gas station where he worked. Erica stated, “I asked my brother, hey, what were those gunshots.” “I stopped hearing from my brother.” According to Portland police, they responded to reports of a shooting on Northeast 102nd Avenue. Amado was allegedly rushed to the hospital and later passed away from his wounds. According to the police, this is the year’s first fatal shooting.

Amado saved her mother’s life in the last minutes of his life, according to the daughter of a witness who was there at the scene. “My mom said the last bullet that they let off was aimed at her. And Nacho pushed her out of the way,” Veronica said. “The fact that his last living act was to push my mother out of harm’s way goes to who he was at the core. I am forever indebted to that act.” People in the Hazelwood area who knew Nacho are paying tribute to and remembering him this week. “Everybody loved him. Everybody can always come through and just grab something to eat,” a friend said. “Go to the beach together, barbeque late nights,” his girlfriend said.

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“That’s what kept us together. The barbeques he’d throw in the summertime,” a friend said. “He didn’t deserve that, he was a good kid,” a friend said. Now, Nacho’s supporters said they are praying for resolution. “I’m not at peace yet because I didn’t say my final goodbye to him and because the person who did this to him is still out there,” Graciela Santos Tello, Amado’s sister, said. Detectives with the Portland Police are asking anyone with knowledge on the incident to get in touch. A GoFundMe has been created to assist Amado’s family with funeral expenses by the friend who claimed Amado saved her mother’s life.

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